A personalised birth preparation workshop

Our mindful birthing workshops are designed to bring you to a place of understanding your birthing body,

* allowing deep relaxation to be your “go to" place

* using your innate ability to visualise

* empowering yourself through your breath

* opening up to the deeper emotional & spiritual aspects of birthing.

Our personalised workshop can be easily adapted to fit your birth vision. The basic structure consists of a 3hr workshop session for you and your birth partner where we cover the key aspects of a mindful birth – relaxation, visualisation and breathing.

The second session is a 90min session where we will work deeper into integrating these practises as well as lead you through a process of connecting to your unborn babe with the intention of using this connection to facilitate a deeper partnership between you & your babe during labour and birth.

The cost of our 4,5hr personalised workshop is R1850 including handouts.