The Mama Bamba Way Birth Preparation Weekend Workshop


Our antenatal classes are designed to create empowering and transformative birth experiences for you, your partner and your baby.

We believe one should be able to encounter birth as a soul satisfying, deeply enriching experience. In our antenatal classes we provide tools for ensuring that birthing people trust in their ability to birth in the manner of their choice and are able to do so with mindfulness, support and confidence.

Our experiential, practical approach to antenatal preparation encourages you to trust your body to let go of fear during birth. Doing so allows labour to unfold in an easier, more loving way. We provide information on how relaxation and support can help you physiologically during birth, we guide informed decision making around birth choices, and we offer experiences of deep relaxation, visualisation, movement for releasing tension in your body, massage techniques, and connecting with your unborn baby as helpful resources that you can draw on during labour.

Workshop details

The Weekend Course wonderfully complements traditional health care.

The format is interactive and explorative The format is interactive and explorative with lots of discussion and useful practical exercises to help teach you the techniques. We will also watch some birth videos.

The cost is R2500 per couple and includes a detailed manual. We meet from 9:30am to 4:30pm on a Saturday and Sunday.

The workshop is based on Robyn Sheldon’s book The Mama Bamba Way. Inner pathways back to the power and pleasure of birth which is available at Exclusive books and is a wonderful resource when preparing for labour and birth.

Small groups of no more than six couples. The antenatal course is attended by you and your birth companion.

A 1:1 option is available. Please contact us for details.